Kingsway Leadership Academy

The purpose of Kingsway Leadership Academy is two-fold. As a ministry of the Lord, we provide the opportunity for a quality Christian education and strive for excellence in academic, physical, spiritual and social development. We are distinctively Christian in staff, curriculum, programs and activities. We are an extension of the home, assisting parents in molding character and training Godly leaders who will make an impact on the lives of people they touch for Jesus Christ.

*Kingsway Leadership Academy is an independent private Christian school located in Kingsville, TX.

Now serving students Pre-K3 - 8th grade.

Deposit (Due at time of registration):

1st child (non-refundable) $150

 Each additional child +$50

Monthly Fees (Due 1st of each month):

PreK3 - PreK4 $350

Kinder - 1st    $250

2nd - 8th        $225  

*Please change from "General" to "School Tuition" in drop-down menu on right.